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A Little More Personal (Raw): Thanksgiving

A Little More Personal (Raw): Thanksgiving

All snarky commentary aside: I love you.

Thanksgiving is that time of year we’re encouraged to eat a lot of carbohydrates sans guilt, get together with friends & family and pronounce what we’re grateful for. I’ll let you in on a little secret (besides eating carbohydrates sans guilt): every day I recognize how grateful I am for you. Yes, YOU! underwent its greatest change this year since its creation in 2004, and white text on a black & yellow (#f1bd10) blog cannot express how much I enjoy what I do every single day. I wake up excited and fulfilled, and I couldn’t experience that without you. Yes, YOU! So thank you, thank you, thank you for reading all these years. I can’t wait for what’s next!

Happy Turkey Day! Now go get dem cheese grits.

- Jordan

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Last summer I consciously made a switch from posting about just Britney Spears, to pop music (and Britney Spears). Since that change, BreatheHeavy’s scored interviews with Britney, Lady Gaga, OneRepublic, Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, Tinashe, Lance Bass, the list goes on and on. Sure, you may recall the initial death threats, the feisty comments and transparent backlash blah blah blah but the site has seen GREAT change, but I’m only one bitch, and I need a team of bitches to further grow the site/brand/all that corporate mumbo jumbo.

DWNTWN’s Indie Point Of View On The Music Industry

DWNTWN's Indie Point Of View On The Music Industry

I walked into the house where the band DWNTWN was temporarily staying before their show in (get this) downtown Las Vegas, and within 30 seconds was offered a beer. I knew the professional thing was to decline, so I kindly accepted.

The group began as a duo with Jamie Leffler (vocals) and Robert Cepeda (guitar, vocals), but over time felt it wasn’t heading in the direction they wanted and signed on Chris Sanchez (keyboards, bass) and Dan Vanchieri (drums).

I sip my beer and ask why they’re excited to perform in Las Vegas.

“We’ve really upped our live show a lot: lighting, gear, equipment, performing,” Dan Vanchieri says. “We’re really focusing on putting on a show, as opposed to playing song after song after song; a lot of practicing and rehearsals and getting ready for this tour.”

They nod in agreement.

“After this we’re going to work on more music again.”


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Updated! The Official 2014 Video Music Awards Post

Updated! The Official 2014 Video Music Awards Post

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards held Sunday night In Inglewood, CA was everything it was promised to be, and that’s about it.

Yes, there were performances by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, then one with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj and Jessie J. Usher performed, but no one knows why, and of course Beyonce hogged 15 minutes of precious air time to sing every song off her latest album before quickly displaying a little PDA with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy and snatching her Video Vanguard award.

Taylor Swift performed “Shake It Off,” and I now finally realize I think she’s singing about her booty (J Lo is sitting back and laughing).

Miley Cyrus may have been the breakout star of the night, passing on her Video of the Year acceptance speech to a young man who spoke about our country’s homeless teens epidemic.

Here’s a list of the winners:

Moxie Raia’s Shell Shocking BreatheHeavy Interview

Moxie Raia's Shell Shocking BreatheHeavy Interview

Moxie Raia is an emerging pop singer/songwriter who’s working tirelessly on her upcoming studio album, “Reckless Passionate Youth,” because, as she says, art is always a work in progress.

Raia co-wrote and sings on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles track, “Shell Shocked,” by Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. She also released a catchy song, “Buffalo Bill,” which she says is about an everlasting feeling. I thought it was a drug reference, but I’m jaded.

Raia wrote every song on her album (out next year), including her latest single, “I Love It When You Cry,” telling she’s pulling from real life experiences to shape her record.

BreatheHeavy: Talk about where you are with your upcoming studio album.
Moxie Raia: Every time I swear it’s done, I come back to it. They say art is never finished, only abandoned. And I have abandonment issues.

BH: Are you using real life experiences to compose songs for the album?
MR: Only. I may be a pop singer on record, but I’m a blues singer in my heart.

BH: Tell me about the creative process writing on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song, “Shell Shocked.”
MR: I found out about the song on the 4th of July. They needed a hook by the next morning so I was like, fuck the fireworks. I stayed up the whole night and wrote the chorus, great decision!

BH: What does Buffalo Bill mean?
MR: Buffalo Bill is about a feeling you want to last forever.

BH: Who are some artists you’d like to collaborate with now, or down the road?
MR: Kendrick Lamar.

BH: Can you provide any song names or details that aren’t out?
MR: There’s a song on my record that goes, “We’ve never really been too good at much, but it’s okay, we’re really good at making mistakes.” If Reckless Passionate Youth is the movement, that song is the anthem.

BH: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
MR: Motown and soul music are my bread and butter.

BH: What are your thoughts on the pressures of stardom? Do you feel women have to live up to a certain standard or conform to what “the people” think they should?
MR: I’ve always had tons of respect for people who are able to deal with crazy pressure. It helps having people around that really care about you, and I’m lucky in that way.

BH: What does “success” mean to you in the music industry?
MR: Love. I want people to love, and I want to be loved. If that can all happen while my music is playing then I’ve won.

BH: What’s something people don’t know about you?
MR: I have a Left Eye tattoo on my wrist.

BH: How do you feel about artists that don’t write their own music?
MR: Great songs are great songs. This album’s way too real for me to not be involved in the writing process, but if an outside song really resonated with me, I’d be open to it.

Moxie Raia's Shell Shocking BreatheHeavy Interview

BH: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
She asks me to search this YouTube video: “Steve Aoki Live at Tomorrowland 2014,” and pointed me to a time (Aoki’s remixing her music at festivals). He says: “Oh my fucking God I love you guys so fucking much!”

- Jordan Miller,