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Moxie Raia’s Shell Shocking BreatheHeavy Interview

Moxie Raia's Shell Shocking BreatheHeavy Interview

Moxie Raia is an emerging pop singer/songwriter who’s working tirelessly on her upcoming studio album, “Reckless Passionate Youth,” because, as she says, art is always a work in progress.

Raia co-wrote and sings on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles track, “Shell Shocked,” by Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. She also released a catchy song, “Buffalo Bill,” which she says is about an everlasting feeling. I thought it was a drug reference, but I’m jaded.

Raia wrote every song on her album (out next year), including her latest single, “I Love It When You Cry,” telling she’s pulling from real life experiences to shape her record.

BreatheHeavy: Talk about where you are with your upcoming studio album.
Moxie Raia: Every time I swear it’s done, I come back to it. They say art is never finished, only abandoned. And I have abandonment issues.

BH: Are you using real life experiences to compose songs for the album?
MR: Only. I may be a pop singer on record, but I’m a blues singer in my heart.

BH: Tell me about the creative process writing on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song, “Shell Shocked.”
MR: I found out about the song on the 4th of July. They needed a hook by the next morning so I was like, fuck the fireworks. I stayed up the whole night and wrote the chorus, great decision!

BH: What does Buffalo Bill mean?
MR: Buffalo Bill is about a feeling you want to last forever.

BH: Who are some artists you’d like to collaborate with now, or down the road?
MR: Kendrick Lamar.

BH: Can you provide any song names or details that aren’t out?
MR: There’s a song on my record that goes, “We’ve never really been too good at much, but it’s okay, we’re really good at making mistakes.” If Reckless Passionate Youth is the movement, that song is the anthem.

BH: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
MR: Motown and soul music are my bread and butter.

BH: What are your thoughts on the pressures of stardom? Do you feel women have to live up to a certain standard or conform to what “the people” think they should?
MR: I’ve always had tons of respect for people who are able to deal with crazy pressure. It helps having people around that really care about you, and I’m lucky in that way.

BH: What does “success” mean to you in the music industry?
MR: Love. I want people to love, and I want to be loved. If that can all happen while my music is playing then I’ve won.

BH: What’s something people don’t know about you?
MR: I have a Left Eye tattoo on my wrist.

BH: How do you feel about artists that don’t write their own music?
MR: Great songs are great songs. This album’s way too real for me to not be involved in the writing process, but if an outside song really resonated with me, I’d be open to it.

Moxie Raia's Shell Shocking BreatheHeavy Interview

BH: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
She asks me to search this YouTube video: “Steve Aoki Live at Tomorrowland 2014,” and pointed me to a time (Aoki’s remixing her music at festivals). He says: “Oh my fucking God I love you guys so fucking much!”

- Jordan Miller,

Nothin Plain About The BreatheHeavy Interview With The Plain White T’s

Tom Higgenson from the Plain White T’s invited backstage to chat before his show in Las Vegas alongside the Goo Goo Dolls and Daughtry. I walked up onto their tour bus expecting a scene from a movie: panties flung about, trash and paper everywhere, a cloud of smoke… but to my surprise, the band made up of Tom, Tim Lopez, Dave Tirio, Mike Retondo and De’Mar Hamilton were collected in the bus (sans panties, paper and smoke) before their 30-minute set.

“We’ve been touring for…” Tom pauses a moment to count in his head… “Shit I don’t know, 12 years at this point. We have fun, but we’re veterans. We know how to do it now. I don’t think we get too crazy to where we’re hurting the next day. We know when to say when. Sometimes! Most of the time…”

BreatheHeavy Backstage With The Plain White T's

The T’s, who are performing nearly every day this month around the country, have to be on their A-game to keep up.

“I hope everyone that comes to see the tour falls in love with the Plain White T’s. While we’re on stage, we just try and make a connection with the crowd as best we can, hopefully put a smile on peoples’ faces and give them a time that they remember.”

I mentioned seeing their rigorous schedule, but for Tom it’s just another day at the office.

“We’re out here doing what we love doing. We get to play music in front of thousands of people every night. It’s the most fun job in the world,” adding the only grueling part is being away from his home, family and friends.

In today’s digital age, selling albums isn’t important when defining what makes a band successful. Years ago, signing with a label meant (almost) guaranteed success, but today it’s not the case; it’s about connecting the artist to the fan.

BreatheHeavy Backstage With The Plain White T's

“Everything’s changing so much. Album sales – they’re a fraction of what they were even just a few years ago. A number one record right now can be 40,000 copies.” He recalls the days when the Backstreet Boys sold a million records opening week. “I don’t think record sales really matter as much, especially with social media. I feel like social media is almost taking over the label’s job. The whole industry is changing. Labels are less and less important and the band connecting with the fans, connecting with their audience and continuing to put out great music, that’s what’s important and what will lead to success. I don’t think success is about numbers – it’s about having fans loving your songs, coming to your shows and singing along.”

Though numbers aren’t important, the T’s “Hey There Delilah” is one of several platinum selling records from the group.

Nothin Plain About The BreatheHeavy Interview With The Plain White T's

When Tom’s not touring with the T’s, he’s playing for another band he belongs to, That Lying Bitch. He and T’s band member, Dave Tirio, started the band with a couple buddies they played with in high school.

The T’s frontman explains the band’s name came about after a girl cheated on his buddy. “He just went through a crazy breakup. His girlfriend of five years, who was in a band with him, totally fucked him over and broke his heart. He went off to his uncle’s condo in Florida and wrote 20 punk rock breakup songs.” He asked Tom and Dave to record with him. “The songs were so badass that we just became a band. We were having so much fun recording them that we wanted to play them live.”

He takes credit for coining the band’s name because his fragile friend “wouldn’t put it out there like that.”

This lead me to ask Tom if he’s in love.

“I am in love, but, I don’t know with who yet,” Tom said rather innocently. “I’m in love with everybody.”

One relationship Tom’s sure to cozy up with are his fans.

“The only thing I can say is thank you. If it wasn’t for people liking and supporting our music we wouldn’t still be doing this.”

Their fans won’t have to wait long for new music. Tom confirms the T’s have already fully-recorded an album with an official announcement on its way.

“The fact that the T’s are still going since 1997 is all because there’s people out there that give a shit and support. So thank you.”

- Jordan Miller,

Neon Hitch Tells BreatheHeavy She’s A Free Bitch, Launches New Video For “Yard Sale”

Neon Hitch Tells BreatheHeavy She's A Free Bitch, Launches New Video For "Yard Sale"

British-born pop singer-songwriter Neon Hitch wants growth, change, and independence in a music industry dominated by record execs calling the shots because, let’s face it: money talks. Neon is taking control of her own artistry. She emancipated herself from Warner Brothers Records recently with plans to release her upcoming album, “Eleutheromaniac,” via her own fan-powered label, WeRNeon.

“Yard Sale” is the first single off the album, and she wants fans to hear it and feel free.

The song is about leaving the past behind and letting go of the stuff you don’t need – literally and emotionally. The music video came out today:

“I want them to see my transition and feel inspired, and liberated,” Neon Hitch tells in our exclusive interview. “This is the first video I’ve done without stylists or anything. It’s just purely me. I’m just being myself. It’s just really my thing: freedom. I’m in just such a great place right now, I just want to inspire people.”

“It’s just like any bad relationship,” she says of her previous label. “I’ve had relationships where they just kind of fizzle out. I have no hard feelings. Throughout the whole journey I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the industry, and I’ve taken a lot of knowledge from my experience. It’s opened a lot of doors for me. I’m grateful to have ever been signed – it’s a huge achievement, but I really feel like I’ve grown as an artist and a human being. Now, I know what I need to do and I can’t afford for any time to be wasted.”

Read the full interview below:

BreatheHeavy Livin For Preston Pohl

Preston Pohl recently jumpstarted his music career as a contestant on The Voice. The only judge that didn’t turn their chair around was Christina “Xtina” Aguilera. I know. Preston, who chose Adam Levine as his mentor, says of the experience:

“In the very beginning the process is pretty crazy,” Preston tells during our chit chat. “There are hundreds of people. When you walk around you think ‘man, I don’t have a shot at this.’ Everyone is a great singer.”

There to calm his nerves were his parents, who never heard their son sing until they found themselves sitting in the audience at NBC’s hit show.

“To have them there and see me sing and do my thing and those chairs turn around, it was just a highlight of the whole time that I had on the show. Nothing tops that feeling or that excitement.”

Watch his cool cover of “Electric Feel:”

One thing Preston regrets about the show is not showcasing who he is as a singer. He was labeled a soul singer, which is “completely not” him.

“Once you’re on television, America kind of feels ownership over you and places something on top of you… I’m not a soul singer.”

“Once you’ve been labeled something it’s kind of hard to shake it… I’m more of a pop guy.”

BreatheHeavy Has A Love Like That For Tiffany Houghton

BreatheHeavy Got A Love Like That For Tiffany Houghton

Sometimes you stumble upon a singer that forces you to stop and examine yourself for a moment. That’s the case with Tiffany Houghton, who opened up to in the sincerest way about her music, love, success and staying true to yourself.

It started off with the obligatory ‘what are you up to’ question, but as the interview progressed I realized she’s no ordinary 20-year-old. She’s genuine. Even better… she has her shit together.

“I feel SO blessed, and so excited. I’m having the best time out here on tour,” Tiffany tells BreatheHeavy. “I grew up loving music and moved to Nashville when I was 17. My whole life I’ve dreamed of doing what I’m now doing, and I’m grateful for that time that I got to learn about myself and my purpose and who I am as an artist and who I want to be.”

Rise BreatheHeavy, Rise! Interview With Kaya Jones Is Fire

Sometimes in life we need a change. We need to let go of the person we were before to become the person we want to be. This describes ex-Pussycat Dolls band member, Kaya Jones, who performed three songs off her new album, appropriate titled “Rise Of The Phoenix,” at Liaison nightclub in Las Vegas Saturday night.

I caught up with the lady in red that night to talk about her music, venturing away from the Pussycat Dolls to become a solo artist, her opinion on Britney Spears and more.

The interview went like this:

Register In Exhale Or Face 7 Years Bad Luck

Register In Exhale Or Face 7 Years Bad Luck

So you may have noticed and Exhale are more than just a Britney Spears source… Sure, the announcement was met with death threats, pitch forks and Hitler comparisons mixed reviews, but change is scary!

Don’t be afraid, bbs!

You can still gossip about the Queen of Pop in the largest Britney Spears forum on the net: EXHALE!

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Register In Exhale Or Face 7 Years Bad Luck

If you want to read JUST about Britney Spears, bookmark this link. Sees Major Changes On Its 10th Anniversary Sees Major Changes On Its 10th Anniversary

The most important thing you’ll watch all weekend:

(LAS VEGAS) Britney Spears’ biggest website,, sees major changes today on its tenth anniversary, opening on June 6, 2004. The content on the main page shifts from solely Britney Spears news to instead focus on pop music and the stars submersed in it.

Writing on Britney Spears for ten years and growing my website from nothing into a huge community is one of the best experiences in my life. started in an era where fansites littered the Internet, but over the years social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram eroded the need for them. It was crucial to expand the website in the ever-growing world of pop culture in the digital age.

Exhale, BreatheHeavy’s highly interactive forums, still features a home for the “Britney Army” with its “Britney Spears News” section. Updates about Pop Stars will make the main page with comments linking to its corresponding thread in the “Celebrities” section. Topics that don’t fit into either category belong in General.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the newly-designed EXHALE and REGISTER so you can post with thousands of other members.

A HUGE thank you to Gerardo for co-creating yet another awesome BreatheHeavy layout with me. And thank YOU for reading BreatheHeavy. I encourage you to continue reading what’s going to be one of the hottest, most up-to-date pop music blogs on the web (that will STILL include the legendary Miss Britney Spears!).

Let the meltdowns commence!

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