Cardi B Defends Fiancé Offset For Using The Phrase “I cannot vibe with queers”

Cardi B
  • Nico

    It’s hard for me to believe that any rapper is not aware of the meaning of “queer” in the gay community. Even if you were a “macho man”, you know the meaning, just because you’re supposedly the exact opposite of that stereotype and so you’re reminded of it by your peers everyday. Offset should not play dumb. Besides, what’s more important here is the line itself: “I CANNOT VIBE with queers”….. That is such a homophobic thing to say. It’s not like he’s rapping “that’s queer, he’s queer”, whatever, no… I.CANNOT.VIBE.WITH.QUEERS.
    And once again the debate is not really about the meaning or the use or the word but about WHO is using it, because most gay guys use it among themselves everyday, so basically this whole thing is stupid. You people in the US get crrraaaaaaazy when you hear one silly word out of context, like “nigga” for example. But listen to reggaeton’s lyrics in Spanish and oh my….. Those male singers are so freaking mysoginist you would really freak out (Maluma, that sexy muthafaka, is one of the worst… You’ve been warned.)

  • Isobel R


  • Y’vonne Matthews

    Cardi is not as dumb as she portrays to be! Every time a camera turns on this personality that she thinks the public wants to see switches on. Case in point love and Hip-hop. My household which consist of two gay males and a trans women(myself) will no longer support both of them!

  • Jme_HowRU

    I think he knew what he was doing using that word, and the context in how it was used. Another gimmick to try and stay relevant….. #Done


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