Camila Cabello’s Debut Album Battling For No. 1

Camila Cabello

  • @brocklovesgreys

    TBH, The Greatest Showman deserves the #1.

  • Tina

    No offense guys but I’ve listened to the album in full 3 times and I’m just not that impressed. I had high hopes that this would be a great debut from a rising star but I was treated to some Selena Gomez Revival-esque songs with a few tropical bops sprinkled in. I’m glad that she is able to go solo and do things on her own but this album just didn’t do it for me 😔

  • terry

    A #2 debut for a first solo album is nothing to be disappointed about. They are far superior albums that have charted lower and still gone on to be a success for the artist.

    • Jordan

      Agreed! This is a very big deal


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