Camila Cabello Is Running For The “Crown” On New Song With Grey

Camila Cabello

  • Su hu

    Annoying how there is no Apple Music Support on this page. Apple Music is the second biggest music streaming app, you shouldn’t force your readers to have Spotify in order to have a good experience on your website. Just annoying

    • Jordan

      That’s a good point. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure we include Apple Music as well.

    • Nico

      What are you talking about, Apple Music is a paid service whereas Spotify is free, so most people have Spotify for sure… and so you could have an account too. The real annoying thing would be if BH posted only paid links.

    • Sargon

      I mean, couldn’t you just search for the song on Apple Music instead of bitching? lol Jordan ain’t forcing you. It’s your choice. The fuck?

  • Anthony Lopez

    I’m totally getting excited for Cam’s album. The two releases she put out last week are pop gold!
    Also, the lyrics on Crown are “heavy on, heavy on my bones”. 🙂


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