Camila Cabello Recalls Watching Fifth Harmony’s “Petty” Diss At The VMAs

Camila Cabello
  • Anthony Lopez

    First debut album in a while I’m totally looking forward to. Other debuts have been great, but not met with such anticipation. Camila coming for crowns in 2018.

  • Francis

    Don’t really believe anything she says – she obviously left 5H because she could tell she was a stand out in the group and had the strongest fanbase out of all the girls. Havana is not the song someone releases to “flex [her] songwriting skills and grow as an artist”.

    • Jorge Fernandez Valdivia

      And did you forget the song “I have Questions” that she wrote? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • sexnando

    all i have to say is camila’s solo music is better than FH group trash (besides worth it)

  • Nico

    I admire her maturity and healthy ambition. The other girls just couldn’t bare her getting so big so fast without their love and support and assistance, which is crazy coming from a group that preaches female empowerment.


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