Brooke Candy Lives In A Big Girls’ Paradise In The “Paper Or Plastic” Video: Watch


UPDATE // JULY 15: Brooke is a naughty Amish girl in the newly-premiered "Paper Or Plastic" music video. Watch:


Brooke Candy's breathy auto-tuned pop gem "Paper Or Plastic" is the next cut from her Sia-produced forthcoming record Daddy Issues.

Brooke's last official release was "Nasty," a bold ditty about embracing your inner freak, or as she put it, "one part Charlie part John part Pam and Tommy's sex tape." "Paper Or Plastic" is nothing like that – it's an ethereal airy tune that features the starlet's signature rap-sing hybrid.

“Time keeps on wasting, but I’m too high to be wasting with all this yolo and rap shit, my heart is elastic,” she sings over a pulsating beat while her helium-pitched vocals melt over dreamy synth beats. “Living for the days, living for the nights, living for the chance to give what’s right, now tell me who the hell you think I am.”

"Why do all the good girls have to die?" Because they're living in a bad girls' paradise.


Via Vice

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