Britney’s Naked Body Is Covered In Red Glitter Body Paint In The “Make Me” Video


More scenes from Britney's new "Make Me" music video have surfaced, and the Queen is red hot.

A one-minute and twenty-two second clip of Britney's lead B9 music video by director David Lachapelle has surfaced, showing the pop star in the barely-there ensemble, gyrating around a bunch of scantily clad male dancers. The Burns-produced song finds the pop star cooing her breathy signature vocals over a mid-tempo beat as she yearns to make a connection.

There are comparisons to Selena Gomez's Revival record, and it's not untrue. Brit's lead singles tend to rock the dance floor, but "Make Me" is slinky.

Another scene that's beginning to leak shows Britney locked in a white cage in someone's backyard, gazing into the camera and flipping her tousled hair. She's completely naked except for red glitter painted onto her fit physique from the neck down.

Rumor has it the video has a "Lucky" theme - showing how one of the world's biggest pop stars breaks boundaries with a scandalous video.

Everything about the release is sexy, mature and a side of Britney fans haven't seen in ages... but unfortunately the messiness surrounding the leaks is eclipsing the work. It's definitely time to rush-release the visual and scrap any promotional strategy that was in the works. In lamest terms: upload the video to Vevo STAT.

You make me OoOoOoh.

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