Britney’s “Make Me” Featured In Tinder And Spotify Ad


Make your future beaux fall in love with you with a little help from Britney Spears.

Or Beyonce, or Justin Bieber or anyone, because Tinder announced users can now connect their profiles to Spotify and show potential prospects who and what you're listening to.

Now that Tinder already has access to the intimate details of your personal life via Facebook, it's taking the privacy invasion up a notch by researching your musical interests. It's not as dark as it sounds.

All Tinder users can now play previews of other people’s top songs via Spotify, right from their Tinder profiles. What’s more, if you have your Spotify account connected, you’ll see the artists you have in common with each person. Tinder, now integrated with Spotify, not only gives you the capability to show your favorite artists and music preferences, but also to pick the Anthem that defines you, listen to clips of other people’s Anthems and maybe make a little music with someone new.

Someone's "Anthem" is their featured favorite song, and others can search based off that response. In other words, if your jam is "Gimme More," fellow Britney stans can hunt you down based off of that criteria.

Watch Britney's "Make Me" featured in their new advertising spot.

Happy swiping!

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