Britney’s Goofiest ‘Piece Of Me’ Moments Throughout 2016 Will Put A Smile On Your Face

2016 was rough, but Britney Spears kept things light during her 50+ Piece Of Me shows, and it was all caught on tape.

You might be losing faith in humanity right now; the United States' next President is the orange clown Donald Trump, families are figuring out how to celebrate the holidays following a string of mass shootings throughout the country, we lost David Bowie & Prince and Aleppo is imploding.

A little comedic relief from the negativity is in order, and we can look to the princess of pop for that.

BreatheHeavy member milkkero put together a hilariously entertaining collage of bloopers of Britney performing Piece Of Me throughout the year. It features silly accents, random proclamations and more wardrobe malfunctions than you can count.

Never change, Britney, and chin up everyone!

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