Britney Will Spend New Year’s Eve At Home With The Boys

Home for the holidays!

Despite reports claiming Britney will be taking the stage at the Palms on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas this year, Britney will in fact be at home with her two sons Sean Preston & Jayden James for the celebration.

According to Britney will spend time with the boys on New Year's Eve while Kevin parties it up in Las Vegas with new girlfriend Victoria Prince, a pro-volleyball player.

A source close to Britney and Kevin told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Kevin has been getting on much better with Britney recently, so he didn't want to risk setting their relationship back by mentioning Victoria.

"And he knows she's desperate to see the boys over Christmas, so he's letting her visit them at his home over the festive period.

"He then added she could have them on New Year's Eve, as if it was a great favor."

Score! Hopefully she gets them for Christmas too - God knows those boys don't need high daddy and his new whore girlfriend tagging along for that either.

Happy for you, Brit!