Britney Will Not Receive Emmy For “HIMYM” Performances

Britney will not be receiving an Emmy this year for her appearances on "How I Met Your Mother." According to, Britney did not make the final cut: "Despite the fact that her appearance in the "Ten Sessions" episode of "How I Met Your Mother" was submitted for Emmy consideration, she's not on the Top 11 list of semifinalists for best guest actress in a comedy series."

Although Britney got great reviews "for her performance as a receptionist in a doctor's office, including the New York Daily News, which said - with no intent of snarkiness: "Spears proved she can act every bit as well as she can sing." TV Guide critic Matt Roush said Britney was "harmless and (dare I say) kind of cute" in the role, but "Scrubs" star Sarah Chalke - who portrayed Britney's boss - 'walked away with the episode.'"

They should give her an award for saving that show's ass. She gave them their highest ratings ever! Always next year, Brit!