Britney Spears Releasing New ‘Glory’ Song “Clumsy” This Wednesday


Britney Spears is strategically getting “Clumsy.”

The pop star has heard you, and she’s making things right. This Wednesday at midnight EST, Britney will plop a new Glory song onto the net – a banger club song that strays far away from the moody Weeknd vibe Larry Rudolph described, and back to the “Make Me” singer’s iconic dance roots.

According to PopCrush, the tune is “surely one of her most full-on club-pop moments since ‘Till The World Ends.'”

The song was co-written by Talay Riley and co-produced by Warren “Oak” Felder (of Pop & Oak) and Alex Nice.

They report:

“I love how you go down,” she excitedly purrs from the get-go in an unsubtle ode to, uh, “bangin’ all oooohv-uh this bedroom.”

“Call me a fool, call me insane / But don’t call it a day,” she warns as the thumping beat steadily builds.

A chant keeps it going higher and higher (“oh-OH-OH!“), all leading up to one classic lyrical reference from the Spearitual discography that’ll undoubtedly provide a chill for hardcore fans upon first listen…

BOOM. Enter a surging, sweat-inducing drop like no other. Ay-ay-ay, clumsy!

The song was also listed on Amazon today:


Clear your schedules this Wednesday night!

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