Britney Spears Officially Announces The Piece Of Me World Tour: See The Dates


  • brigitteisabella

    Darn, first Lana Del Rey skipped the Netherlands. And now Britney. What is wrong with Amsterdam? Antwerp is so random ha ha.

    • Hanne De Moor

      Don’t insult Antwerp just because Amsterdam isn’t on the list!

  • singletear

    Imma definitely buy a ticket since that second date in Germany is only an hour away from me…but GOD I hope she adds some new stuff to this four year old show.

  • Scott Moore

    No LA?? Really??? I know we are close to Vegas..but still. She’d sell out Staples without a problem…

  • sexnando

    the nightmare continues…

    will she even come to my country??? B you sold 50k FF tickets at double price, you better work and also come with the full show unlike the crippled Femme Fatale missing half the props and stage.

  • ER

    I’m starting the rumor that Britney is a going to be a surprise guest performer during JT’s Super Bowl show medley – so come back and make this comment famous when it comes true. Thank you in advance.

    Also, I’m not an insider, just psychic. Thanks again.

    • John Lawrence Co

      We can always fantasize for them to be together again. I would love for them to have a song together. But after JT’s comment about artists having Residency in Vegas, though maybe he’s not really pertaining to Britney directly, I think its better for Brit not to work with him. He knows that any related Britney questions, especially residency, which Brit will be the first artist come first to mind, would cause issues. So he better be careful ’cause Brit never said anything bad about him

  • Marc

    Seriously POM again? I mean I knew we were all expecting it… but I’m pretty bummed it’s the same boring POM setlist lol

  • Marc

    She posted another Insta photo about it… and she looks GORGEOUS:

  • John Lawrence Co

    I don’t care if its something new or not!! Kudos to her team for making the right decision (finally) for her to go on world tour!! I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next!!


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