Britney Spears’ “Make Me” Music Video Has Begun To Leak

Britney Spears has a big announcement slated for this week, but the Internet beat her to the punch.

On Monday (July 11), Britney shared a clip of her strutting her stuff down a runway, flipping electrical switches on and singing a bit of "Private Show," a new song from her forthcoming album. The footage looks like it was shot during the same time as the "Make Me" music video last month, but after several reported delays, like reported production issues and supposed vocal re-workings, the single never saw an official release date.

Bad news for Britney, because screen captures from the music video began leaking on Friday, and now entire clips are becoming available.

Blogger Perez Hilton posted a video on Facebook claiming he saw the entire "Make Me" video, and proved it by showing off a teaser which includes a little audio.

“Sonically, I have to the you… Selena Gomez’s impact is real," he said. "Selena Gomez is the new pop princess… so much so that she has influenced Britney Spears an her new song… it sounds like a Selena Gomez song!"

He also describes the song as a “mid-tempo jam” “with a beat” and says it's a smash.

Hilton also likens the to production to Justin Bieber’s latest album, which makes sense considering Britney is working with Justin Michael and Julia Michaels, who produced a lot of Purpose. He also adds the video doesn't have a ton of choreography.

Watch Perez's vlog here.


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