Britney Spears Gets Revenge On Justin Timberlake In This Fan-Made “Liar” Music Video: Watch


Britney is left in the ashes of the bridges Justin Timberlake burned.

And now it's his turn to cry.

An unofficial "Liar" music video created by BreatheHeavy member 'Luxuriou$' on Vimeo (the account only has this upload to its name) shows a scorned Britney Spears getting revenge on Justin Timberlake.

It uses cuts from the Britney Jean sleeper ballad video "Perfume," and clips from Timberlake's collaboration with Rihanna in the "Rehab" video as well as his recent "TKO" visual, but the magic lies in the editing. The creator splices the videos together so seamlessly it appears as if Britney's actually singing "Liar," and helps us nearly forget about the scrapped "Perfume" video controversy.

The Jason Evigan-produced banger draws some eerie comparisons to JT's Justified hit "Cry Me A River," which took shots at Britney for allegedly cheating on him and destroying their relationship. Now it's Britney's turn for a little revenge.

Watch below:

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