Britney Spears Is Reportedly Readying A World Tour This Summer

Everyone wants a piece of Britney Spears.

The pop star has taken Las Vegas by storm for several years now. Her multimillion dollar residency, Piece Of Me, has become a staple show on the strip, and it appears the pop star has plans to share the magic of the desert with the rest of the world when she embarks on a world tour this summer.

Here's what we know:

A concert in Tel Aviv.
The rumor that Britney has a show scheduled in Tel Aviv at Yarkon Park in July has been circulating the Internet for months now, but the chatter gained major traction in the last week. Multiple Tel Aviv-based websites are reporting it's part of her Asia tour.

Fans claim Fe spilled the beans.
At one of Britney's recent Piece Of Me shows, fans claim Britney's assistant Fe accidentally mentioned it.

Show dates.
It's worth noting Britney has Vegas shows scheduled through May, then none over the summer. She picks back up in September.

Inside sources.
Multiple people connected to the world of Britney tell BreatheHeavy it is indeed in the works. According to them, the biggest challenge is moving the large set pieces. For instance, as of now, the "Toxic" tree won't make the trip overseas.

Nearly a year ago, Brit told the Las Vegas Sun she was open to taking Piece Of Me on the road, saying: "I love doing my show in one place, plus it’s been great because I can have my boys out with me a lot of the time. But, sometimes I do get that itch to travel and tour again. It’s in my blood."

After refreshing her show, Britney tested those waters. She performed at the Apple Music Festival in London, as well as reduced sets for the iHeartRadio Music Festival and several radio fests scattered throughout the country.

Britney reflected her want to tour in a recent interview with Think Magazine: “I hope we can do some touring! It’ll be fun to see my fans from overseas who haven’t been able to make it out to Las Vegas,” she said.

In another interview last summer, Britney was open to the idea of touring, but admits she's got it good in Vegas. "You never know, honestly, my situation right now is very cool, I'm kind of spoiled," she said. "But you know, who knows what the future brings."

There are whispers she wants to extend Piece Of Me through 2019, at least. Looks like Britney will perform in Vegas through May, take the show to Asia, Europe and possibly South America, then kick it back in Vegas for another several years. Piece Of Me is one of the best pop shows out there, and the rest of the world will finally get a chance to see it.

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