Britney Spears Confirms In Tumblr Q&A Her New Album Drops “Very Soon”


We learned a few new things from Britney during her Q&A session with fans on Tumblr.

The princess of pop was vague regarding any question question about her upcoming record, but there were a few crumbs worth mentioning in her new chat with the Britney Army.

Some highlights include:

■ "Make Me" will get added to Piece Of Me.
B9 will debut "very soon."
■ The "Make Me" video has a lot of "female empowerment. Lol"
■ Favorite current song is Meghan Trainor's "Me Too."
■ She has been playing Pokemon Go.
Breaking Bad is one of her favorite shows.
■ Fudge is v v important

Read the full Q&A (in order) below:

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