Britney Rocked A Diamond-Encrusted Ensemble For Her NYE Performance Of “Work Bitch”: Preview


  • Christmas Bells

    I wish they would record the whole thing and make us a bomb ass Piece of me DVD with lots of extra features plus a CD with the exact versions of the songs she performs!

    • Johnathon


    • Nico

      I actually demand an explanation why we can’t have that! Once the residency is over, why wouldn’t her team release it on DVD? I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION, I SAY!

    • wastedideas

      They might once it is over. Releasing a bluray while the show is still active might deter people from making the trip.

  • Isobel R

    I had no idea she was at this level of performing again, this is amazing.

  • Jrocka

    I love Britney but I hate her choreographer….the energy is there but this routine needs a switch up.

    • Anna

      she don’t want to. you know who pays her choreographer’s bills?

      • Jrocka

        Her handlers 🤷🏿‍♂️

        • Anna

          Honey no. Unlike what the community believes she’s in charge, she pays her bills. They’re under her pay roll.

  • Jay Alford

    I don’t understand why she wouldn’t perform songs off of Glory like Love Me Down and Make Me….I mean come on. Geez.

    • Jrocka

      Even No Seas Cortes

  • L.a. Hajduk

    OOH! Someone is feeling herself!!! Those hips were SWITCHING (when she walks across the stage after the 1st verse)!!! Haven’t seen that from her in a LONG time.


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