Britney Rings in 2018 With A Fierce NYE Performance!

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  • Marc

    OMG she looks so good! HD makes a huge difference… because in people’s insta crap quality images/videos she didn’t look great… lol. Love her hair and makeup too.

  • She looks good but still a brain dead mess. Her body is deader than Abraham Lincon.

    • Ḿƴĸḭe Ḿedĵōøḻ

      *more dead

      • L.a. Hajduk

        LMAO!!! Almost spit my omelette across the room!

  • Пламен Василев

    OMG-Britney is so fuckin’ awesome! I wanna kiss her! She is my music hero since I was a child and I will never ever stop supporting her no matter what!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE U, BRITNEY!

  • Isobel R

    I started the new year DEAD – Britney looks incredible!

  • Jrocka

    I love me some Brit but that editing lol and why didn’t she perform a Glory track like No Seas Cortes or If I’m Dancing 🤦🏾‍♂️ I would have gotten my life and recreate interest in the Glory masterpiece album

  • Queen. I’m so happy she did this!

  • L.a. Hajduk

    Although there was some horrible editing in the beginning, they generally captured a lot of her shining moments of this performance. Especially in the final dance break, they knew which angles to show and when to cut away from Britney. It would’ve made for a great promo video for the show. Let’s not give Larry any ideas tho…

  • Bobby Manalastas

    Her confidence is back. Great!

  • DJ Andy

    Hey honey…are you right?


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