Britney Responds To Openly-Gay Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Who Said “Gimme More” Is His Competition Song


  • Marc

    Do you really need to write “openly-gay” every time you refer to him? He’s just a human being and a stan like most of us. No need to label him to separate him from the rest of the team or fans.

    • Faisal Altammimi

      you don’t have to mention it every second. if he was straight and someone wrote openly-straight that’d be weird af.

      • Jordan

        Being an out athlete in the Olympics is a relatively new thing though. That’s why it matters

        • Jakob84

          Agree . In any celebrity field it would matter ..

    • Nico

      I think that at this moment in the state of the world, mentioning “openly gay” is not out of place or an obvious thing at all. People need to hear it.

    • wastedideas

      Until mentioning “openly gay” no longer elicits a response like yours, it is necessary. When we’ve finally reached a point where nobody pays attention, it will no longer be worth mentioning.


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