Britney Reportedly Annoys Staff At Peninsula Hotel

Technically that photo is of Britney at the Montage Hotel, but for the purpose of this story we’ll pretend it’s the Peninsula. Moving on…

According to new reports, Britney has left the staff at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles frustrated.

Britney, who “recently spent several nights” at the posh hotel, has reportedly been “really demanding,” says one employee grumbles in this week’s edition of The National Enquirer (shutup).

“She always wants specific tables, and when someone is sitting where she wants to be, she kicks them out of their seats. And she doesn’t tip well!”

UM, newsflash: Britney Spears gets what Britney Spears wants (except her freedom). If she wants warm towels and champagne, god dammit she should get it!

Fortunately, Brit’s publicist (she has one?) stepped in to clear this little rumor up, saying: “These reports are completely false. Britney could not be more genial to the staff at the Peninsula.”

How about her publicist release a statement on something that matters for once? No, I’m not bitter.