Britney Recites Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” Before “Freakshow” At Piece Of Me


It's Britney, "Bitch."

Before Britney catwalked into her performance of "Freakshow" at Piece Of Me last night (Nov. 2), she decided to speak the lyrics to Meredith Brooks' "Bitch."

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“I just wanted to let you guys know... I feel like a bitch,” the "Slumber Party" singer declared to the audience. “And a lover. And a child. And a mother. And a sinner," she said as she rocked two middle fingers in the air. "And a saint. And I do not feel ashamed!"

Oh, but it continues: "I’m your hell, I’m your dream. And I’m nothing in between. And I wouldn’t want it any other motherf–king way.”

This is a must watch:

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