Britney Plotting Removal Of Jamie’s Conservator Status? Muahaha

December 29 2008, 10:21 am

The girl is desperate to get out of this!

According to new reports from the National Enquirer, Britney hopes drinking allegations against her father Jamie Spears "will help her reclaim her freedom."

Jamie, who is currently Britney's conservator, has ~allegedly~ controlled and manipulated every aspect of both Britney's personal and professional life in the last year after Britney's very public meltdown. In an effort to remove her dad from his position as conservator, Britney has reportedly come up with a plan to remove her dad from his (how is this legal???) position by claiming that he is an unfit supervisor due to his alcoholism and ~alleged~ recent drinking.


"Britney wants to set up her dad and prove he shouldn't be charge of her career decisions and money... She's worked her butt off for years, and her father has nothing to do with her success."

"Britney is desperate to be released from her father Jamie's control," one snitch whispers. "She wants to be able to act like an adult, but she says her father won't let her."

The Enquirer spy adds, "If the conservatorship is continued, her backup plan is to have her father replaced by her mother Lynne because she's less rigid."

Jamie Spears was recently awarded an additional $6,000 a month on top of the $10,000 he was currently receiving due to "various activities related to her music and her tour and activities necessary to the conservatorship."

This shit can't last forever. Let the F U's begin!