Britney May Appear For Third “HIMYM” Episode

Looks like Britney may surprise her fans again with a third appearnce on “How I Met Your Mother.” The show’s co-creator Craig Thomas, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, has said that Monday’s episode “was written to leave the door open for the pop singer to make a return appearance next season.”

“She was better than the first time and I think the fans will enjoy it because her return answers a larger mystery set up earlier in the series,” Thomas said. “So there’s a good plot reason why she’s there. And when people watch Britney’s second appearance on the show they’ll see that the door is still open for her to come back.”

Britney’s first appearance on “How I Met Your Mother” brought in the show’s highest ratings ever. Britney’s second cameo on the show premieres Monday, May12th on CBS.

What do you think? Is third time the charm?