Britney And Mariah Were Ratings Gold For ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’


  • Nico

    I think “Toxic” was a bazillion times better than “Work, Bitch”, why isn’t that one here too? Or only WB aired?

    • Marc

      I love how she looked and the energy she gave in WB… but I agree, the Toxic performance was so much better (it did air, just a bit later in the show closer to midnight) … though I hated how long the tree part in the beginning is… even she looked bored up there because there’s no real choreo up there so she just has to freestyle… they really should have shortened that part because everything on the floor was FLAWLESS and AMAZING and people might have skipped it. I’m so happy with performances overall though.

      • Nico

        I agree 100%!

  • opmbworldwide

    Wait, but the time n Britney’s performance is 9:47 pm, said so on the video.

    • Argel Covarrubias

      Probably is because britney was at PST and the time window was at EST… you know the 2 hours difference…

  • Ezreal is Gay 💖

    Such a slay

  • Armando

    I’m pretty sure more people tuned in to see Mariah…

    • Carl W.



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