Britney In India, Went On A Date – Picture To Prove!

Not even kidding, that picture above is floating around the Internet and people think it's legit! It's a manipulation from Britney's "How I Met Your Mother" shoot. wrote a really, REALLY long article about Britney's trip to India that never happened. The post talks about Britney's two days rehearsal for a new "Womanizer" music video, her New Year's Eve plans, as well as her supposed date with choreographer / dancer Sandip Soparrkar.


"When first asked if Britney was in India, Jessy said, "You'll have to ask Britney or Sandip. I wasn't in Jodhpur." But later, when contacted again, she said, "Yes, she was. For two days." When told that there is not a single picture of hers in India, Jessy replied, "She came for two days, she rehearsed and she left. Sandip and I had a shoot this afternoon (on December 29, in Mumbai) which got cancelled, but he was here at 8 am. I've been in touch with Sandip's manager, and I know what's going on." What about Britney's quotes saying she's spending New Year's Eve with Sandip? "Sandip is here in Mumbai, how can he be spending New Year's Eve with her?" Jessy asked.

Sandip strenuously denies having anything romantic to do with Britney. But then, who's spreading these stories and sending fabricated pictures? "Larry Rudolph - he is Britney's manager, and he had come with her when she travelled here for the weekend, and he said he had issues with his laptop and his internet connection was not working very well, so if he could mail it from my ID, so I said he could. And when he was working on my comp, I wasn't there, so I don't know what he sent," said Sandip. How can he disown accountability for something sent from his laptop, his ID, and not even see what was being sent? "He being the spokesperson and manager for her, I don't know what he sent. He's kind of rude, so I didn't converse much with him." Sandip knew nothing of it at all? "Larry had said he wanted to fuel certain things about Britney and get promotion for the video which will soon be released in Asia and Australia. So I told him if you want to use something to fuel, it's okay, it's fine with me, not a problem, but if it's going to get a little too much, I don't want my life to get affected with it, you know," replied Sandip. When we mentioned the doctored picture, he said, "He's not even shown me what pictures he has." What about them "locking themselves up" for an hour, like ‘Larry' is suggesting? "We did, but for rehearsal," Sandip replied.

There's so much other bullshit in the article that my eyes suddenly when cross-eyed and my brain melted faster then Beyonce's weave next to a toaster oven (just had the funniest visual in my head). Feel free to read the rest of the article at the source, but if you do please refrain from letting me know; I'll have the sudden urge to mock you and destroy your self-esteem. Enjoy!

OH, and in case you stopped reading half-way through, the article is 100% bullshit. Britney is in Kentwood celebrating her brother Bryan's wedding. The India thing never happened.