Britney Hires Personal Investigator Pop tart Britney Spears reportedly hired a private dick to check out the tabloid rumors of hubby Kevin Federline and porn star Kendra Jade.

The allegations were quite detailed and came from the American tabloid 'The Star.'

The claim, a K-Fed porn star tryst allegedly happened during the time when Brit had reportedly kicked Kevin out of the house and took away his Ferrari. Brit bailed to Louisiana to re-group and seek support and advice from mom and Kevin wound up in Vegas with Kendra.

No sex was alleged, only a heavy make out session.

Now Life & Style weekly says Brit plunked down some cash for a private investigator to chase down the rumors and give the pop tart the facts.

The tabloid reports that the investigator asked Kendra and she claimed, "There was no sex, and that she never got pregnant."

The report doesn't say whether the report satisfied Britney.

-Tina Sims