Britney Fans’ Friday Night In GIFs

Time to get ready

Ok, I'm ready!

I hate what I'm wearing.

Pre-party at your friends before the club

You've arrived to the club

Instantly run into someone wasted

You know you won't be that sloppy tonight

You laugh cause you lie

Some guy at the club mouthed "fag" to you.

You get a better look at him

Then a roided out 48-year-old wants to buy you a drink

Roided out 48-year-old's just as ugly friend thinks he can step in and say hi

You're over it - time to hit the dance floor

DJ starts playing Lady Gaga

You lock eyes with your new potential boyfriend

LOL you remember you're at a club

You say hi to him anyway

He's dumb as fuck

You're over it and feeling the Vodka music now.

You're officially drunk

Like, really drunk

Like, you DGAF drunk

Your friends suggest it's time to go home cause you're doing this

Fuck that, you have glorious beer goggles on and you're gonna go home with someone you'll regret on Saturday

Found someone!

He takes you back to his place in BFE and you love every song on his playlist cause... you're drunk

You've arrived


Five minutes in he's finished

You're over it anyway

Must. Escape. Now.

You're in your bed. Heaven.

Mortified about your one night stand the next morning

Seriously, what the fuck

Search his Facebook because he can't be that bad, right?

But you know what? It's ok. Because

Happy hangover!