Britney Announced On Ellen She’s Donating $125,000 To Louisiana Flood Relief


Britney Spears is helping her home state get through one of the worst natural disasters in the U.S. since 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.

Britney and Ellen teamed up for a funny skit trolling an L.A. mall earlier this week, but they're taking a more serious approach to their next stint together. The Glory singer announced during a new appearance on the talk show she's donating $125,000 to help in relief aid, and is encouraging her fans to contribute as well. Ellen revealed later she'd match that.

In a new clip, Ellen opens up about why the cause is dear to her: “Britney and I, I don’t know if everyone knows this, are both from Louisiana, and we are both heartbroken over everything that’s going on with the flooding. 100,000 homes have been damaged, thousands of people need help, and thousands of animals are in rescue shelters,” Ellen said.

Britney added:

“I’m happy to announce that today I’m donating $125,000 to provide this emergency relief vehicle for the Red Cross to my home state of Louisiana.”

Afterward, Ellen brings on two women from Galvez Middle School whose whole lives were affected.

In addition to her donation on Ellen, Britney's worked hard in recent weeks to give back. She used her social media presence several times to promote the cause, as well as auctioning off the outfit she wore at the VMAs and donating the proceeds to the Red Cross.


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