Britney And Jason Planning A Wedding?

Rumors persist that Britney is dating her TV agent, Jason Trawick, and the two are planning on marrying.

But is the alleged marriage what Britney wants? or something her family thinks is best for her...

A source tells Showbizspy: "Britney and Jason have really hit it off. Britney is saying how this is the first 'proper' relationship she has ever had. They actually talk about real stuff and he's genuinely interested in what she has to say."

Ha, it's probably one way!

"He's so sharp and intelligent and Britney feels their relationship is so much deeper than any one she has had before." Showbiz Spy quotes the insider saying. "She really feels like Jason is the kind of man who might tempt her to marry again."

3 is a charm? 2 is not the same. He don't see the harm, so is she game?