Britmas Is Coming! Someone Tricked RCA Into Uploading Dozens Of Unreleased Britney Tracks

  • Joel

    “Glory” has been Britney’s best record in years, but the way that RCA and Maverick have handled it is piss poor, so we deserve this material. Though, girl, instead of the tracks, why didn’t you steal the final cut of the original “Make Me” music video. C’mon, priorities! Or the “Original Doll” record. We know it’s out there, and someone has it!

    • Nico

      “C’mon, priorities!” > ROFL, so true!!

      • Jordan

        We basically know what the Make Me 1.0 video looks like! Not these unreleased gems

    • Isobel R

      I have to agree with you. GLORY is one of Britney’s best albums to date and the way her record company handled the promotion of the album was just awful. There should have been a couple of t.v performances with Britney singing some of the Glory tracks but live with a band. The most baffling is the releasing of just 2 singles off such a good album, there should have been 2 more singles released off the album, with Slumber Party as the last single. I also do not understand why more tracks were not part of her Piece of Me show, especially since some of the tracks are beyond amazing. It’s like there was a conspiracy to see the album fail.

      • Joel

        I think the underlying issue was Vegas and I truly believe that the show has always been the major focus of her team: it’s where the money is coming in for them, is Vegas!

  • Nico


    • Jordan


      • Bo Spears

        It means, Britmas is just around the corner. 🙂

  • Did ya’ll even read the real article? People sent this fake (posing as her manager) songs they wanted Britney to record. These are just hopeful (probably amateur) producers desperate to get Britney on a song, not actual songs Britney recorded or even knows about.

    • Jordan

      That’s actually not what it says haha. From TMZ: “the suspect impersonated Larry Rudolph, Brit’s longtime manager, and emailed RCA Records to ask for tracks that at the time were unreleased…” Elsewhere: “RCA reps got duped and uploaded 49 digital files.”

    • Marc

      LOL blasting everyone for not reading, yet YOU’RE the one that didn’t read it.

      • Check it again hun. No where does it say they were actually recorded by Britney. Also I wasn’t blasting you as you came here *after* my comment. 😘

  • Fo Haus

    I want to hear more blackout sounds. Glory will do if it’s like “electrique”

  • Matthew

    How about we just respect what’s she’s released so far and stop badgering people to release unfinished projects… True fans defend artists not try to steal and demand stuff from them!


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