Brit Daniels – “Eulogy”: BreatheHeavy Premiere


Up-and-coming artist Brit Daniels has a bone to pick on her new single, "Eulogy." The rock-pop gem about overcoming heartache is our newest guilty pleasure, and premieres on today (Feb. 17).

"'Eulogy' is all about finding strength and peace in a difficult situation," like a breakup. "It’s all about knowing your worth as a person, and for not settling for less that what you deserve, Daniels tells BH, adding it's "something I’ve been through a couple of times over the past few years."

The song serves as a Kelly Clarkson-style break up anthem, letting go of toxic intruders and "not settling for less than what you deserve." Daniels adds, "I hope this song brings empowerment and enlightenment to people who need it and who are facing the same issues, as well as peace and strength to the people who have gone through similar situations in the past and have had to let people go because of it."

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter is hard at work on creating new material to release throughout 2017, the first of which you can hear below:

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