BreatheHeavy Exclusive: 5 Questions With Nick Cannon

BreatheHeavy: What do you consider success in the music industry today?
Nick Cannon: It's no longer about record sales and all of that. It's really about fans, impressions, connectivity. Today that's what it's all about - how you can support it.

BH: How does social media impact the music industry?
NC: You can't have the music industry without social media right now. It actually dictates. It's the one [thing] that let's everyone know who's hot and who's not. Your social media game is up on a stronger artist, you know there's a career there.

BH: Would you consider putting out an EP versus an LP next time (he tells me he has no plans to release a record any time soon)?
NC: I understand that concept - I'm producing quite a few EPs right now for artists on my label. Again, it's about your fanbase. You gotta make sure fans want an album from you.

BH: Do you prefer DJing over performing?
NC: DJing is just a whole different motto. I've been DJing since I was in high school. It's an art form. Performing you go in and do your set, maybe 15 minutes and you're done. DJing you gotta rock the whole party all night long so it's a little different.

BH: Who's someone you've always wanted to work with but haven't?
NC: Stevie Wonder!