BO Has Trouble Moving On In “Baby Come Back”: BreatheHeavy Premiere

Love can be a mother f---ker, am I right?

Leave it to electro-pop singer/songwriter BO to make the case. Her moody new song and music video for "Baby Come Back," which premieres on today (July 27), finds the leggy blonde bombshell pining over an ex after she thought the dust had settled.

"An ex lover who'd broken my heart resurfaced months later - after I'd started a new relationship - and started telling me how much he missed me and wanted to see me," she explains of the song's concept, adding it's inspired by heartbreak. "It really messed with my head because it had taken me so long to move on from him and try something new with someone else."

The longing in BO's voice melts over icy electro production and is soundtracked to a series of glamor shots taken in downtown Las Vegas and the surrounding mountain areas of the desert nearby.

BO adds: "I think lots of people can relate to ex lovers resurfacing into our lives once we've moved on and the complicated emotions that go with it. I hope people relate to the emotions in the song; the sadness, the love and the hope and maybe not feel not so alone when they hear it."

The track is taken from BO's upcoming album Wasting the Weekend out later this year.

Here's to moving on. Watch below:

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