Blackout: Britney Stan Performs “Make Me” Choreography In The Street For Police


From the bar to the car: Britney stan Troy Miller slays the "Make Me" routine with some help from police officers in Canada.

Miller (no relation) has been documenting his experiences with the princess of pop for years. A fan-favorite includes his first-time experiencing Britney perform in all her glory at the Circus tour in 2009 (heads up: hysterics), but Troy's latest upload wins hands down.

It's a clip of him drunkenly dancing HAM to "Make Me" in front of police, who he claims started blasting the song for Miller to get down to.

"Only in Canada would the police point you out on the street because they recognize you from your dance videos. Then proceed to stop traffic and make you dance for them while they blare music from their loud speakers and cheer you on," Miller said. "Yes. I was drunk, but they were very accepting of this fact lol."

Miller combines the original music video choreography with the updated routine, and it's flawless. Watch:

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