Björk’s Video For “The Gate” Is A Stunning Psychedelic Fantasy

Björk’s new music video for "The Gate" is one of the visuals of the year.

There is no outdoing Björk. Her new clip for "The Gate," the first release off her forthcoming album Utopia, is a fantastical explosion of color and a peek inside beautiful mind of the Icelandic singer. The video was made with longtime collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang and Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, Pitchfork reports.

“It is the first glimpse into Björk’s utopia,” Huang said in a statement. “The doorway lies within the wound from Vulnicura, which now appears transformed into a prismatic portal channeled between the chests of two lovers. Not lovers in the quotidian romantic sense, but in a broader cosmological way. As a throughway into Bjork’s new album, ‘The Gate’ is a declaration of hope sung by a woman refracted and re-formed into a luminous whole.”

The video clocks in just under seven minutes, but it's worth it. Absolutely gorgeous.

Watch below:

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