BH Buzz: TIDAL Claims The Life Of Pablo Was Streamed 250 Million Times


■ Well this is awkward.

TIDAL announced they cater to more than 3 million subscribers since their launch a year ago (half of which reportedly pay the $20 per month for the hi-fidelity versions of songs), and claim Kanye West’s new album, The Life Of Pablo, was streamed 250 million times. HDD isn’t buying it.

We’re not math wizards, but we took off our shoes and socks so we could count on both fingers and toes and our rough calculation is that 3m goes into 250m about 80 times. Which means that every single one of Tidal’s paid subscribers have played Pablo in its entirety eight times a day every day for 10 days.

Something doesn’t add up.

■ Troye Sivan in Out magazine.

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■ Diplo for Remix magazine.


■ Elton John is getting sued by his former bodyguard, Jeffrey Wenninger, for sexual harassment and battery. The suit alleges Elton grabbed Wenninger’s private parts and during a car ride told Wenninger: “Get your todger out” and “say hello to Uncle Elton” while twisting his nipples. Elton denies all the allegations. Nightmare.

■ The Chainsmokers perform “Roses” live in London.

■ Keith Urban – Wasted Time

Did we leave anything out?