BH Buzz: New Indie Pop Songs To Help You Through Those Post-Inauguration Blues

The BH Buzz is a round-up of stories we wanted to get to, but… didn’t.

Maybe we don't want to report every single rumor surrounding Lady Gaga's upcoming Super Bowl performance, or what so-and-so said about Mariah Carey's NYE performance, or the grimacing details post-inauguration today. Instead, we'd rather take a second to decompress and shed some light on pop music you might have missed. This thoughtful list features new tunes from Vanic, MUNA, Alussa Reid, Donny Montell, CAT, Aneta Sablik, Ella Mai and more. Enjoy.

Vanic – “Too Soon” featuring Maty Noyes:

MUNA – “Crying on the Bathroom Floor” | single

Alyssa Reid – “Badlands” featuring Likewise | music video:

Donny Montell “Screw Me Up” | music video

CAT – “You Belong to Me” | single

Aneta Sablik – “Ulalala” | lyric video:

B.o.B – “Run the Night (The Siege)” | single

Ella Mai – “Lay Up” | music video:

Bahari “Get Together” | single

Astronomy – “Don’t Need U” | single

Farida – “Next to Nothing” | single

Doctor – “Only You” | single

SOFI TUKKER – “Johny” | single

Migos – “What the Price” | single

Bearson – “One Step at a Time” featuring Natalola | single

Darline – “Fall Deep” | music video

Ida da Silva – “Nah Nah” | single

Did we leave anything out?