Beyonce Reflects In “Yours And Mine” Short Film

Fame: "I sometimes wish I could just be anonymous and walk down a street, just like everyone else... Now that I'm famous, it's really really difficult to do very simple things... When you're famous, no one looks at you like a human anymore. You become the property of the public. There's nothing real about it."

On growing up: "I always felt like it was my job to fix the problem; people pleaser, but I'm no longer afraid of conflict. I don't think conflict is a bad thing, cause I know that when you grow up, when you learn a few things, you're no longer afraid of letting go, of the unknown."

Life: "I feel like my body is borrowed, and this life is very temporary."

Marriage: "People feel like they lose something when they get married. It doesn't have to be that way. There's nothing more exciting about having a witness to your life."

Feminism: "It's a person that believes in equality for men and women."

Happiness: "Comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy."

Watch the retrospective short-film here:

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