Best Quotes From Paris Hilton’s Latest Candid Interview

"The princess Barbie [image] is a fun character but in real life I'm very chill and down-to-earth normal."

Followed by: "We've done over $1.8 billion in sales [on my fragrances]. I have 16 other product lines [including] clothing, sunglasses, shoes, lingerie, swimwear, eyelashes, nails, my own motorcycle team, dog clothes… I have 60 Paris Hilton stores that carry all my products."

On her latest gig: "I feel like DJs are the new rock stars."

On picking what to wear: "It gives me a panic attack sometimes."

On Negative Nancys: "So many people have bad intentions, so many girls want to hang out [with me] to be someone. I weed those people out of my life. I call them hungry tigers."

On her leaked sex tape: "I don't think I'll ever be able to fully trust any man again after that. It was just the most hurtful and awful thing that anyone could do to a little girl. I was very young, it wasn't my fault."

On being a rich kid: "At school kids would be like, 'Oh my God, you own Hilton hotels, you're so rich.' As I turned into my teens I realized I wanted to do something, I didn't want to be a trust-fund kid."

On finding Mr. Right: "When I'm looking for a guy, I'm always thinking of someone who is like my dad: a loyal person with a good heart, because that's all that matters in life."

On the times when her personal chef is on vacation: "I love to cook for myself - my mom taught me how to cook lasagnes and pastas and bake."

On being an Aquarius: "We are social butterflies, humanitarians, geniuses: Einstein was one."