Behind The Scenes of Beyoncé’s Grammy Performance

Beyoncé is no stranger to the tour documentary. Almost all of her major performances have been documented in one way or another and usually the "Drunk In Love" star does a pretty good job of giving us a limited insight into how she puts a show together. From costume design, to set manufacture, dancer selection and production meetings, Bey's taught us everything we need to know about the technical finesse of putting together a major live event.

Which is part of the reason that her heartfelt and politicized look into her Grammy performance is so surprising:

Beyoncé discusses her original connection to the song, revealing that her mother sang Mahalia Jackson's version to her as a child, and her motivation to bring a chorus of black men to sing with her onstage. The video is no holds bars as Beyoncé and her supporting performers discuss what it is to be African American in 2015, with one of the male singers pointing out that "as a black man, you're viewed as a threat."

The behind the scenes video is the latest in a long list of evidence that Beyoncé is changing professional tactics. As someone who's career started submerged in the controversies that Destiny's Child's constant member changes brought, she can be forgiven for spending so long embodying the concept of 'safe.' She can only be forgiven, however, because she seems so intent to shake that off and move into a more creatively and personally fulfilling phase of her career. Despite being snubbed for Best Album of the Year, 'BEYONCÉ' was a career changing record and according to some (especially one very self-important rapper who shall remain nameless) an industry changing one.

People tend to rag on Beyoncé because they don't find her genuine or personable, but hopefully this kind of insight into her creative process and indeed her life (rather than those cringeworthy fake webcam shots from Life Is But A Dream) will start to combat that.

What do you think of the rehearsal footage of "Take My Hand, Precious Lord"?