Becky G’s “Mangú” Music Video Picks Up Where “Sola” Left Off: Watch


Now that Becky G and her new gal pal are free, they're living wild and carefree (and dancing on top of the bar).

Becky's "Sola" music video showed the pop star recalling memories of young love gone wrong – the man she fell in love with was a suave but abusive womanizer. She eventually rids herself of him, but not before lending a hand to the next girl caught in his grasp, who she helps escape from his toxic web. That's where the video for "Mangu" begins. In it, the girls cruise down the open road and into a gas station for supplies. The clerk, another attractive young lady, eyes the girls' newfound freedom and wants in. So what do they do? Find the nearest divebar and gyrate the night away.

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"Being a co-director on this music video was so fun & also a new challenge for me! I was filming Power rangers when I came up with the concept & storyline," Becky said in a post on Instagram when "Sola" premiered. "Now to see it come to life for everyone to enjoy gives me butterflies! Can't wait for you guys to see it! I WANTED TO GROW. To do something inspired by the movie world that recently has influenced my creativity, something with an interesting storyline, along with a powerful message of female empowerment. 'Movie magic mixed with a little Bad-ass' I like to say."

Watch part dos below:

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