Bebe Rexha’s New Album Is Titled ‘All Your Fault’



Bebe Rexha finally confirmed what ‘A.Y.F.’ stands for.

A.Y.F. stands for All Your Fault. The pop star revealed it during prior to her hosting duties at the MTV EMAs on Sunday (Nov. 6).

“Had to say it when I just hit the @mtvema carpet. A.Y.F. = ALL YOUR FAULT. Coming top of 2017. Here we go.”


Can anyone figure out what Bebe Rexha’s album title A.Y.F stands for?

Rexha plopped the acronym onto Twitter on Monday and confirmed it’s her upcoming album title, but didn’t reveal what it stood for.

Earlier this year, Kanye West did the same. He posted TLOP and asked fans to guess what it stood for, but probably nobody guessed The Life Of Pablo.

Similarly, Kelly Rowland’s new girl group Chasing Destiny June’s Diary dropped a song titled “L.A.N.C.E.,” which stands for “Lyin’ Ass N—a Cheating Everyday.”

Here are some contenders:

Your turn, Rexha.

As for when you can expect the album? Rexha hopes for some time this summer. “Every time you say a date, it changes,” she said earlier this year.

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