Bebe Rexha Scrapped The Original “I Got You” Music Video Because It Was “Too Sexual”



Rexha followed through on her promise to re-shoot the “I Got You” music video because the first cut was admittedly too sexy.

“We shot “I Got You” Video yesterday. Stay tuned 📽. Listen to song by clicking link in bio above. ❤️❤️❤️ Get ready #Rexhars”


Britney Spears / “Make Me” teas.

You may recall the eclipsing controversy surrounding the princess of pop’s original David LaChapelle-directed “Make Me” music video being scrapped for a watered down replacement, and that’s haunted the Glory era ever since. The rumor was Britney felt it was too racy, namely the scene where her naked body is painted in pink glitter as she sings inside of a cage, but her people insisted the actual reason was the concept made no sense. After filming it.

Bebe Rexha, who gushed over Britney at the VMAs when the “Slumber Party” singer sang Rexha’s verse in her G-Eazy collabo “Me, Myself & I,” is also replacing her original video with a SFW treatment.

In a new interview with Norway’s NRK Radio, Rexha admits her globe-trotting schedule is madness, but is finding time to sneak to L.A. for the re-shoot.

“I already shot one video already,” she says of “I Got You.” “I got rid of it. It was actually too sexual so I had to get rid of it. It was too much.”

The radio DJ sounded surprised.

“I have young fans. I like to be sexy cause I’m a woman now, but I still want to be a good role model,” adding: “before I never really cared… if it makes me feel a little weird in my stomach I don’t want to put it out.”

Rexha joked: “watch me do something really stupid in the future.”

She says she respects and cares what her fans think and wants to leave a lasting impression. One their moms can be proud of.

Listen here at the 1:08:40 mark.

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