Bebe Rexha Is A Desert Diva In The “I Got You” Music Video

Bebe approved.

The emerging pop star shot a music video for "I Got You" last fall, but decided to scrap the entire visual because she felt it was "too sexual."

"I already shot one video already," she said at the time. "I got rid of it. It was actually too sexual so I had to get rid of it. It was too much."

She added: "I have young fans. I like to be sexy cause I'm a woman now, but I still want to be a good role model," adding: "before I never really cared… if it makes me feel a little weird in my stomach I don’t want to put it out.”

Cue visual number two, which shows Rexha writhing around in a desolate desert with her body drenched in diamonds, setting a tree on fire and climbing on top of a Jeep. It's definitely safe for work, but I can't help but wonder what the original looked like.


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