‘Be The Fifth Challenge’ Photo Edit Sensation Goes Viral

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Photoshop [insert noun here] into the #BeTheFifthChallenge for a chance at Internet notierity.

Or a couple "likes," at the very least.

Last week, Fifth Harmony shared a couple of red hot new promotional photos sans Camila Cabello, then swiftly announced they resigned with Epic as a quartet.

Ellen DeGeneres took the opportunity to edit herself into the snap, and caught the attention of Cabello, who poked fun at herself and played along.

As it does, Twitter users took things to the next level and began Photoshopping everyone from Britney Spears to Selena Gomez to Kanye West and even Deadpool into the photo, which took a life of its own as the #BeTheFifthChallenge.

Camila is officially kicking herself for playing along.

Swipe through a gallery of edits above.

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