Battle Of The Butts, J Lo V Britney Spears

In what looks like a billing for a heavyweight title fight, Don King is promoting the biggest ass sandwich on stage and coming soon, between Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

Yes that's right; the man that washes his hair with Viagra is offering the opportunity for fans to judge first hand the winner of the Las Vegas Booty Contest.

"Well that little gal Britney ain't such a little gal no more. She's giving that ass some good feeds lately," Mr King said. "Matter of fact I believe her ass is bigger already than J Lo's."

Porn King and posterior connoisseur, John Stagliano, who goes by the name of Buttman, said that there was considerable difference between the butts of the women.

"Jennifer has a once in a lifetime bubble. It is gravity defying, it is mystifying. It is all encompassing. It is a work of masturbation. Britney, she got just a fat ass," Stagliano said. "But I will have front row seats."

Front row seat buyers will get the chance to rub baby oil on Jennifer's buttocks.

"If we can't get the real J Lo and Britney, we'll get girls who look like them," King said.

Source - The Australian Times