B3D’s Re-Working Of The Cure’s “Love Song” Is Otherworldly: BreatheHeavy Premiere


New York-based dark pop/house duo, B3D, re-imagined The Cure's “Love Song” into a whimsical breath of bionic air.

B3D is comprised of Deborah Robb and Bruno Sutter. Sutter has worked with Kanye West, Beyonce, Mary J Blidge, Missy Elliot, Justin Bieber and Prince Royce both as an engineer and a musician, while Robb offers technical insight as a classically trained pianist. The two melt their unique talents together to form a fluttering synth pop sound that's unlike anything on the stream waves currently.

"'Love Song' is a classic favorite of ours and when we recently came across it in our iTunes we both immediately knew we had to cover the classic hit," B3D tells BreatheHeavy of the creation process. "We felt we could take a twist on the track and create an instrumental that is stylistically opposite from the original and other popular covers such as 311 and Adele."

It was Bruno's idea to transform it into an uptempo dance remix, while Robb says she infused thematic material from Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata and interspersed it throughout.

"Another thing we love to do and is important to us is incorporating live playing in heavily produced tracks," Robb continues, "so Bruno put down guitar parts in it as well."

The up-and-comers add their mission is for people to "enjoy themselves and be able to dance and have a great time listening to our cover."

"Whether you are a DJ, classical musician, or music lover, we believe there is something everyone can appreciate and groove to with our version of 'Love Song.'"


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