B In The Mix- The Dvd

Britney Spears: B In The Mix is a DVD collection from pop music singer Britney Spears, to be released in December, 2005. It includes 5 'remixed' music videos from Spears' including, "I’m A Slave 4 U - Dave Audé Slave Driver Mix", "Toxic - Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix (Edit)", "Me Against The Music Featuring Madonna - Justice Remix", "Megamix", and "And Then We Kiss - Junkie Xl Remix." The video for "And Then We Kiss - Junkie Xl Remix" is all new footage of Spears' while the others take footage from her past videos and are edited to give a whole new feel to the videos. Also included is performances from Spears' remixed entitled "Greatest Performances: Remixed." This includes memorable performances from the VMA's and also includes footage of her 2004 "Onyx Hotel Tour." The DVD also features the whole "B In The Mix: The Remixes" CD in surround sound.
The DVD is to be released in December 2005 before Christmas.

Source: wikipeida