Azealia Banks: Shooting A Video And Still Firing Shots On Twitter

The rapper previously explained the song's meaning to a fan on twitter back when the album dropped. Her explanation might give us some insight into the plot of the upcoming video!

As per usual with Azealia, the 24-year-old is also attempting to contextualize her latest twitter feud, this time after speaking against "the gay media".

Azealia also caused a stir when she posted her Ice Princess makeup pics with the hashtag "#whiteface". Just days before, the rapper clarified her stance on the whole race issue:

But had some choice words for critics of the whiteface tag:

While it's almost impossible to keep up with who Banks is beefing with each week, most of her commentary on racism IS usually on point - even if she tends to express her views in extremely offensive ways that ultimately attack other oppressed groups in the process.

I guess she did tell us tho:

What do YOU think will happen in the Ice Princess video?